Delhi Museums


Location: Palam, Delhi Cantt. New Delhi-110 010
Timing: 10.00am To 5.00pm
Closed : Monday & Tuesday.
Attractions: A Collection of Aero planes & armoury.
Depicts the history of the Indian Air force & has a vast collection of aero planes and Armoury on displaying


Location: Red Fort, Old Delhi.
Timing: 9 am- 5 pm Daily
Closed : Government Holidays.
Attractions: Paintings, Textiles, Costumes.
Situated in the historic Red Fort, the museum exhibits objects that date to the Mughal period. On view are manuscripts and firemans' that demonstrate the fine art of calligraphy. Also on view are paintings, textiles and costumes. One section concentrates on relics of the 1857 war (First War of Independence) like maps and weapons.


Location: Bhairon Road, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi - 110001.
Timing: July to September : 0930 am- 5 pm; October to June : 0930 am to 0600 pm Daily
Closed : Monday and National Holidays.
Attractions: Indian Crafts, Wooden Carvings, Metalware, Paintings.
The Crafts Museum complex is a charming oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Mud huts with painted walls and thatched roofs, courtyards, terracotta horses recreating village shrines, craftsmen at work are some of the elements that add to the rural ambience of the place.

Within the museum itself are examples of traditional Indian crafts, wooden carvings and images, metalware, especially ewe Perdue objects from Bastar, West Bengal and Bihar, clay and terracotta pots, toys and images, folk and tribal paintings, jewellery and textiles.


Location: Opposite Raj Ghat, Ring Road, Delhi.
Timing: 10.00am To 5:30 pm
Closed : Monday
Attractions: Personal Belongings Of Gandhiji.
Situated opposite to Raj Ghat is the Gandhi Museum. Dedicated to the Father of the Nation, the museum contains some of his personal belongings. There are five pavilions one can go through that comprise of sculpture, photographs and paintings of Gandhiji and the history of the Satyagraha movement as well as the philosophy of 'ahinsa' (non-violence).


Location: No. 5,Tees January Marg,
New Delhi- 110 011.
Timing: 10.00am To 5:00 pm (Open All Days)
Attractions: Important landmarks of Gandhiji life, books and cassettes.
A collection of memorablia of Mahatma Gandhi, including an exhibition of dolls, shown important landmarks in Gandhiji's life, books and cassettes.


Location: Ghalib Academy, Hazrat Nizamuddin(West)
New Delhi- 110 013.
Timing: 11.00am To 6:00 pm
Closed : Sunday
Attractions: Famous Poet Mirza Ghalib, display a statue, photograph, books & documents.
The museum is dedicated to the famous poet Mirza Ghalib and has on display a statue, photographs, books and important documents of his time. The library contains a collection of his poems and those of other comtempory poets.


Location: Red Fort (Naubat Khana Building)
New Delhi- 110 006.
Timing: 10.00 am To 5:00 pm
Closed : Friday
Attractions: Arms, Weapons
Formerly called Red Fort Museum of Arms and Weapons, the museum depicts the diorama of battle of Panipat, along with the weapons and dresses used in first world war.


Location: No. 1,Safderjang Road,
New Delhi- 110 011.
Timing: 9.30am To 5:00 pm
Attractions: Gandhiji life, books and cassettes.
A collection of memorablia of Mahatma Gandhi, including an exhibition of dolls, shown important landmarks in Gandhiji's life, books and cassettes.


Location: No. 5, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,
New Delhi.
Attractions: Vast collection of books.
The museum houses an art reference library which has a vast collection of books. A collection of best contemporary art reproductions are on sale at the counter.


Location: 1 Kotla Road, Near I.T.O.,
New Delhi
Timing: 9.00am To 5:30 pm
Closed : Sunday & Monday
Closed : Monday
Attractions: Enhancing creativity among children
Institution for enhancing creativity among children. It holds regular classes and workshops on performing & creative arts.
* Mobile Planetarium
* Mini zoo
* Aquarium
* ----------------------—-


Location: FICCI Building, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi- 110 001
Timing: 10.00am To 5:00 pm
Closed : Monday
Attractions: Various galleries visitors through the gamut of the earth's natural resource.
The focus in this museum is on ecology. The Various galleries visitors through the gamut of the earth's natural resource. Activity rooms for children. Film shows from 11 am to 3 pm.


Location: Dak Bhawan, Sardar Patel Chowk
Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110 001
Timing: 10.00am To 5:00 pm
Closed : Saturday & Sunday
Attractions: Rare Stamps
Rare Stamps, first day covers & special cancellations are display at the museum. Counter for sale of stamps from all over the world.


Location: Block No.-4, CGO complex,
Lodi Road, New Delhi
Timing: 10.00am To 5:00 pm
Attractions: The world of thrilled and sensation
This museum takes us into the world of thrill and sensation as museum contains several thought provoking items all related to police Crime & Criminals, from the ancient to the modern times. Exhibition acquired from different states and central police organisations both of Indian and Foreign Origin. Photography is allowed with permission. Museum has no admission fees.
Closed : Saturday & Sunday


Location: Pragati Maidan, Near Gate No. 1,
New Delhi
Timing: 10.00am To 9:00 pm
Closed : Monday
Attractions: Display the various Scientific Instruments
The Museum has on display various scientific instruments to acting children's interest in Science.


Location: Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Timing: April-Sep. 9.30 am to 7.00 pm
Attractions: Collection Of Locomotives And Carriages
Oct- Mar. 9:30 am to 5 pm.
Closed : Monday
The Rail Transport Museum is a must for rail buffs. There are models of train engines and coaches and it is a train-lovers delight. Its pride is a model of India's very first train, a steam engine that made its journey from Mumbai to Thane in 1853.

The locomotives here are all displayed in the open although there is a museum as well, which is a storehouse of information on the history of railways in India.

Its vintage displays include the oldest locomotive in the world-still working; the Viceregal Dining Car (1889) and the Prince of Wales Saloon (1875), Maharaja of Mysore's Saloon (1899), Maharaja of Baroda's Saloon (1886). The royal saloons are definitely worth a look for the elaborate interior design. To enter the royal saloons one has to buy a ticket.

The star attraction is the Fairy Queen, built in 1855, and considered to be the best preserved steam locomotive engines of her age. Children can enjoy a ride on the miniature rail track.


Location: Teen Murti Bhavan, Teen Murti Marg, New Delhi
Spl. School Programmes: 9:30 am to 10:30 pm.
Additional shows on Sundays and holidays in Hindi- 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.
Hindi Shows- 10 am to 5 pm.
Attractions: Newspaper Clippings And Photographs From The Independence Movement.
The residence of Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was converted into a museum after his death. The museum is a fascinating place to learn about the history of the Independence Movement.

There are several photographs of the erstwhile Prime Minister, giving an account of his life. Besides this, the colonial building is also equally interesting, with its teak paneled rooms with high ceilings, spacious verandas and well kept gardens.


Location: Rabindra Bhavan, Ferozshah Road,
New Delhi
Timing: 9.30am To 6.00pm
Closed : Saturday & Sunday.
Attractions: Large archive of audio & video tapes, photographs on the performing arts.
Academy has a large archive of audio & video tapes, photographs on the performing arts. Copies of these are provided at a nominal cost.


Location: Anandgram P.O Arjungarh Mehrauli, Gurgoan Road, New Delhi-110 047
Timing: 10.00am To 5.00pm
Closed : Monday
Attractions: Collection of what is called "Everyday Arts"
Collection of what is called "Everyday Arts" which houses only terracotta & metal artifacts depicting the story of life. The complex is a workshop and an Artists Studio where artisans work and also live the same complex in the Terracotta village. The museum was established by Shri Mulkraj Anand in 1979.


Location: Nehru House, 4 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi
Timing: 10am To 5.30pm
Closed : Monday & Government Holidays.
Attractions: A Collection Of 6,000 Dolls From Over 85 Countries.
One can find just about every kind of a doll one needs to see in Shankar's International Dolls Museum. There are about 6,000 dolls collected from over 85 countries and a third of the collection has been gathered from different parts of India. Each doll is resplendently dressed in costumes that represent the country or the region they come from.


Location: 1,Institutional Area, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi - 110 003
Timing: 9.30am To 5.30pm
Closed : Saturday & Sunday
Attractions: A Collection Of Tankhas (painted scrolls depicting the life of Buddha)
The museum has a collection of Tankhas (painted scrolls depicting the life of Buddha), old currency notes, head pieces, prayer objects & musical instruments.


Location: Jamia Millia Islamia, Okhla
New Delhi - 110 0020
Timing: 10.00am To 4.30pm
Closed : Friday
Attractions: A Collection Of photographs, souvenirs & memorabilia, acquired during Dr. Zakir Hussain's term as President of India.
An Exhibition of photographs, souvenirs & memorabilia, acquired during Dr. Zakir Hussain's term as President of India…

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